15 October 2013

Domino Choker

Hi everyone!

 Today I am showing my creation that I have entered into DominoArt's 31 Days of Halloween for Day 16!

 If you would like to join in or maybe just pop-on over to take a peek, click on the link below!

Supplies used:
Chekit Domino
Adirondack Alcohol Ink, Currant
Spider Stamp by Inkadinkado
Inkssentials Opaque Pen, White
Lilac Gemstones
Black Felt
Stud Clasp
Engraved Black Wooden Bead
Inkssentials Wood Tool with Felt
Stazon Ink, Black
Embossing Powder
Aleen's Tacky Fast Grab Glue
1. Ink-up the wood tool with the Adirondack Alcohol Ink and apply to the Chekit domino. 
2.  Using the Momento black ink-up the Spider stamp and apply to the domino then cover with embossing powder and heat set using heat tool. Once cool add the Gem Stones with Aleen's Tacky Fast Grab Glue, and then attached the engraved wooden bead to the top of the Chekit using the same glue.  I also added a little of the white pen to the spider.   
3.  Lastly attach the engraved wooden bead to the felt using Aleen's glue.          
Thanks for stopping by,
I appreciate your comments!
Val S.

  1. Cool shape and background. Love the spider's sparkly eyes. xxD

  2. Great news about the 12 days of XMAS. I will help spread the word.

    Fun shape and another great spider project.

  3. Very cool shape. I love the background. Great spider!

  4. Beautiful choker Val lovely shape

  5. Choker is beyond amazing. Love every part and how the eyes sparkle. Well done and so pretty.

  6. Spectacular spider. Especially those eyes. Fabulous Val

  7. Fabulous choker! I love the altered game piece! Awesome colour and I love the gems on the spiders eyes! mo x

  8. Cool spider choker Val. Love your domino color and the stamped spider!

  9. Love this! Super cute on the game piece!!! Love it!

  10. What a neat color and choker...so creative!

  11. What a cool choker, love the shape of the game piece you've used.

  12. haha, lovely idea! Guess I'd been easily spooked permanently wearing this pendant ... *gg*
    hugs serafeena

  13. Beautiful jewelry piece... I am going to have to watch for Chekit I don't think I have ever seen it at the thrift store!!


  1. Beautiful pendant love the shape

  2. Gorgeous choker! Beautiful colors, great spider, and love that bead.